Tulips - Osmans flowers in your hands.

Although the world believes that the symbol of love is a rose, there will be one thorough competitor with a colorful history - the tulip.

A bit historical

The botanical name of tulips is Tulipa. The first written evidence of tulips can be found in the 11th century. in a poem by the Persian mathematician and poet Omar Khayyam. The oldest visual evidence is an illustration of a tile from the palace of Sultan Alad-din Kayqubad bin Kaykavus; the sultan ruled over Persia from 1220 to 1237. Sultan Suleiman the Great was the first to grow tulips, he adored them, much of the sultan's wardrobe was embroidered with them. In turn, the nobles often decorated their turbanes or tulips with one tulip. It was from this practice, observed by European travelers and diplomats, that lâle (lale in modern Turkish) became the word tulip.
16th century Eventually, tulips imported from the Ottoman Empire, as a rare and exclusive flower, became popular in the circles of the Central European aristocracy. Thanks to the Viennese garden botanist Carolus Clusius, the cultivation of exclusive flowers began in the Netherlands, which in the 17th century, around 1640, turned into an economic crisis in the Netherlands for several decades, due to an artificially created high price bubble. but also in neighboring countries, because the price of tulips and their bulbs grew non-stop. Beauty and pain in one place - in history it is called "Tulip fever".

Tulips for everyone!

Tuples are spring flowers that will delight you in their variety. But let's put aside a little bit of all the giant history and look at this history-rich flower quite simply. Seemingly impossible!
Tulips in general are a symbol of perfect love. Different colors also have different meanings, as do many other flowers. Red tulips are associated with true love, purple symbolizes royalty; yellow tulips once represented hopeless love, but more recently they were associated with joy, fun thoughts and sunlight. White tulips are usually used to represent purity and respect or express forgiveness. Pink tulips are a symbol of care and good wishes.
Able to choose or apply the appropriate color to their situation. But if you can't decide - yellow tulips or red tulips or you want a whole color palette - a bouquet of tulips could be a good solution, we will make it for you. We have a best prices for tulips and deliwery in Riga.

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